The Gaza conflict is breaking my heart. Why do so many people have to suffer like this?


The conflict is breaking my heart too, and it’s really so sad that innocents in both sides have to suffer… :(

The answer is really simple, actually- Hamas wants all Israelis dead, no matter what they have to do to make it happen. Also, they don’t want to die but don’t care other palestinians will die.

So they use their own people as human shields and fire tons of rockets to Israel, making both sides suffer.

If Hamas stops- there will be no more war. If Israel stops- there will be no more Israel.

Being a person who lives there and don’t have to listen to rumors on the internet and the bullshit people speared around:

THIS IS IT. This is a FACT that is going on in here.

People keep telling me “don’t dare to use the ‘human shield’ excuse” or the “our right to defend our self excuse”.

These are not excuses; These are FACTS! It happens right now as we talk! Human shields ARE being used and it IS our right to defends our self!
Sadly, because of the friggin locations they are hiding and attacking, people who have NOTHING to do with this crap are getting killed in their side. And that is a HUGE bullshit that is impossible to prevent in this fucking chaos.

Don’t be a lamb saying “fuck _____”, it’s easy to look from afar and hate one of the sides because this and that. 

Goddamit I was sure this whole crap would end soon… but Hamas keep breaking their good-for-nothing ceasefire and today they managed to kidnap a soldier of ours.

And a soldier, only 20 year old from my home town, got killed today together with many more in the past weeks.

I’m tired of this shit.


Bootleg time~!

WELL things are pretty shitty in here and I’m in that “fuck my art is terrible” mode so let’s see what we got today in our BOOTLEG POKEMON TIME!

VULPIX! Ahhhh what a majestic one it is~ I was always a big fan of him since Gen1 and forever be pissed off that Brock gave him back. Idiot. This bootleg is really well made and super soft! The only wonky thing about it is the nose but it’s no bother.

What I love the most is them tails ;; They are separated from each other, unlike the official little plush and that’s just friggin kawaii.

"Trust me, I’m a doctor."

In our NON-BOOTLEG section, we got this AMAZING Zangoose Pokemon Time plush AAHHH!

I lovelovelovelove him! He is not made of that soft minky fabric like the others are but he is still soft and just so good looking jeebus.

There are a bunch more of those new Pokemon Time brand but I really think he looks the best <3

…And then came Espurr.

This little psycho pokedoll will fill your heart with love and fear~
He is also officially Mewtwo and Mew’s son.

Because i said so.

&gt;About to get Going to bed&gt;Finds out Tiara Boobowski is a Manx Cat and not some hedgehog&gt;&#8221;&#8230;gotta draw fast!&#8221;

>About to get Going to bed
>Finds out Tiara Boobowski is a Manx Cat and not some hedgehog
>”…gotta draw fast!”

Heavy Breathing


My birthday was on Monday
Which was indeed a super splendid birthday and we did some fun stuff.

We also prepared for TODAY, where a plane was supposed to take us to Cyprus where we would got married and party for three days.

Bbbuuuuttt yesterday, right when we got out of the house for a birthday dinner with my family, our flight agent called and told us that, together with many other flights, our flight got postponed because of our country situation.

Me and Yoav are pretty much in this weird depression mode like you see in some mangas/animes…. you know that kind:

instead of getting married, we had to wake up in the morning with the lovely alarms going off and some Iron Dome explosions in the background.

What a bummer in the ass.

BUT THEN i come online to baaawww
and i see all the birthday wishes and birthday gifts around


THANK YOU very much you all! That really made me happy in these fucked up hours ;;;n;;;  I will go through everything!
If we get lucky, we will be able to move our flight to next month… hopefully everything will settle down by then…. it better be ( ´ ▽ ` )ノ

I’m dying

So Yoav gave me his birthday gifts.
A limited edition 2D vinyl figure and a fucking original Totoro poster from 1988. Right from studio Ghibli’s hands.


If everything will go well, tomorrow we are all going to watch the Monty Python live in the cinema for my Monday&#8217;s birthday~!
Something to set off our mind..

If everything will go well, tomorrow we are all going to watch the Monty Python live in the cinema for my Monday’s birthday~!

Something to set off our mind..

Shit is getting serious in here..

Ground Offensive has started right now into Gaza because Hamas won’t give a shit to anything the world is talking about… Can’t wait for all the news around the world of how “Israel is a monster that kills babies”

Also, my cousin is in the army right now as a medic right on the boarder with Gaza and this whole crap is just ain’t right gguuuhhhh

Hamas rejects cease-fire proposal by Egypt after Israel approves it and keep fireing

Getting real tired of your shit man

Quiet night, guess because of the world cup~

Quiet night, guess because of the world cup~


Thank you all for all the kind words you threw at my inbox and comments bawwaaa ;;-;; I read them all and they all have the same message…


I’m FINE and SAFE!
I don’t want your imagination of what is going on in here to go wild too much: In Tel-Aviv we live our life normally but prepared for the alarms and anything that might goes wrong~
We do feel very jumpy and on the edge though cause like i said, it’s not fun when thing randomly fall from the skies…

Most of the shit really goes at the South on the board, where the people are just living that nightmare through years now.

And don’t get me wrong, the shit that goes in Gaza is WAAAaaaayyy more shittier than in here, if only because we are more advanced.

I just really wish people will stopped spreading the hate at us/them and focus on the fact that because of a group of crazy radical assholes, aka Hamas, it is the citizens of BOTH sides that eat shit from the responses of both places.

But people just enjoy to focus on the “FUCK THEM” on the internet because it is more easy i guess~


Hate messages and those Israel Tags


MFW the alarm goes off right when I try on some wedding dress with my sister and we have to run to a safe place with other people

It was pretty amazing because for the first time we managed to see the Iron Dome intercepts a volley of grad rockets!

fffuuuuuuuu The alarm just went off in Tel Aviv and it caught us in the middle of a traffic. We had to stop and hide under the bridge…

The alarm just went off in Tel Aviv and it caught us in the middle of a traffic. We had to stop and hide under the bridge…


Under Attack


Israel is endlessly under rockets attacks from Hamas and today it got to Tel-Aviv for the first time since last year.

We were actually inside a traffic when the alarm went off so we all stopped our cars and hide under a bridge (poor Yoav had to help some lady and carry her baby ppfffff)

This is really uncool and I’m so tired of this shit coming from those assholes…

"bbaaawww but they just shoot aimlessly and most of the times the rockets fall in unpopulated places!"

Fuck you, see you live your life when stuff fall from the skies randomly everywhere.