your “fandom” pic remined me that i havent read the sonic comics since i was like 15, i can only imagine how much crazier things must be in that series now ahah


But i still really recomand the comic to anyone who likes Sonic and stuff~ Best issue to start from if you ain’t gonna start from the begining ( Since this comic is way too complicated ) is #160, when Ian Flynn became chief writer and pretty much saved that comic from the terrible direction it was going.

Don’t listen to all the crazy fanatic people going on about how he ruined the comic ( Not hard to miss them in Deviantart! ), these are the people who just can’t handle new things, a little bit of darker stuff ,changes their characters are having and the clingy-nes to their nostalgia ideals of how things used to look like~

..Ofcourse, some people just don’t like is because of what it is but yeah, it is a very fun comic :>

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