Rejection from a kids magazine

I mean, SURE they said my style won’t fit for “their” kids audience and SURE this is the first magazine i tried out.

..So why does it hurt so much..

Oh geez my tumblr is becoming too gloomy..

  1. pidginenglish said: FUCK EM THERE’S OTHER MAGAZINES OUT THERE YOU CAN DO IT …But seriously, it’s okay to feel upset and hurt. Go ahead and let yourself feel bad, then pick your shit up and try again! JK Rowling got rejected, like, 12 times. :3
  2. fullofdoodles said: ;n; awww rotem, i’m so sorry. i’ll be sending you something soon!
  3. elainepascua said: It’s all good! The road to success is paved with failures. It just means that something even better will be in store for you. Don’t give up!
  4. chalodillo said: Awww they just dont know what they lost! Just keep trying. :D
  5. tirien66 said: Awww you need a hug D:
  6. hejjhug said: Vap, don’t worry! Like you said, this is the first magazine you tried out! Your style is awesome and MANY OTHERS will recognize that!
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  8. drojan said: If they rejected you then you should be proud of not working for people who doesn´t appreciate your style. I don´t know what magazine is, but I´m pretty sure your stuff would fit totally for kids audence. You´re fantastic.
  9. dungeonmaster11 said: *hugs tightly* It’ll be okay, Miss Rotem. Screw that magazine, they missed out on having an awesome artist, so their loss. >:T
  10. charlienickani said: EVERYONE! HUG VAP!
  11. happyd00dle said: Talk to me anytime okay :(
  12. maverickhuntress said: That is the life of the artist. Your style is adorable, I’m sure another cartoon company will hire you in no time! :3 Don’t let some jerks puts you down.
  13. chai-fox said: Vap, you may have gotten one no, but your style is unique and there are definitely plenty of people who love it; don’t give up!
  14. mrsquidon said: I SAY, THEY’RE IDIOTS AND THEY DON’T DESERVE YOU. Of course it still hurts cause it’s rejection, which is like being told your not good enough, it sucks. Though you must preserver and push on! You’ll find a job with that talent and charm of yours.
  15. superimportantcookie said: Never give up. Perhaps it didn’t quite pan out this time, but don’t lose hope! Keep trying - you know we’ll all support you, all the way. We’re with you, Vap.
  16. garbidge said: It’s because they found your sonic porn
  17. curiosajess said: Whoever rejected your art is STUPID! Your art is PERFECT for kids! >:(
  18. dragonuv3 said: *hugs* There there Vap. It’ll get better.
  19. crackervolley said: b…bakana..!