Yet another Vaporeon update!

Yes, your friendly Vaporeon collector friend is here with a litle cute update~

I got in the mail today a lovely letter from the awesome Jasmine <33

Oh, i will bend you~


OH HELL YEAH super holo card HAANNGGHHH!!
Its so pretty and… shiny…..
So so far i have these cards:


( My poor Jungle Booster holo went from many hands until it got to me when i was 14 ;; ) Yeah its really not alot but i love them so <3 These two books underneath are my rare cards folders, one is full and the other is just in the begining…. i left all my non-rare cards at my parents house because I don’t collect them anymore and because Yoav will probably leave me :’D
My biggest mistake back then was that i just bought them ALL and didn’t focus on anything… now i see how fun it is to just get into one <3


and bought THESE two little bastards. The plush is a Bootleg of the Canvas series but it is a smaller one. I just love the bootlegs plush~
The other one is the Tomy figure which i’ve been missing from my collection ( got the old Tomy )!


So far so good!
I’m waiting for the Cup, Chibi Kyun and Takara Tomy to arive and drooling over the DX one, when ever they start selling it….
….Looking at it now, i actually miss the new Pokedoll! I have the old one from 2007 but the newer one has different colors… goddamit.

and that was a moment of my inner child, thanks for reading~

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    I love updates like these!! Your collection is so beautiful, and I love your variety of vappy cards!!
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